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Ultimate Sonic Scene Creator begins!

2013-08-19 19:11:56 by KoudiBladeSonic

I begin to make the Ultimate Sonic SC! But to this, I need YOU help. I'm wnt to make like the Sonic Scene Creator 5. The menu of objects characthers, the button of quality, this things in this game. But if you know something of this comands, made by message. Who help me, I can add like "Colaborator" in the Ultimate Sonic SC. I don't know if you's like, because I'm have MANY Sonic transformations, sprites, sounds and much. But help me please!

You's want who characters in Ultimate Sonic SC? (Talk by coment)

Ultimate Sonic Scene Creator begins!


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2013-08-19 19:31:08

we have a lot of sonic fans here so yeah it's a good idea to make sonic scene creator ^^ just make sure you put as sprites as you can ^^ and don't forget the backgrounds

KoudiBladeSonic responds:

Okay! :D


2013-08-21 07:59:58

watch vids. on YouTube or ask the creator of sonic sc 5

KoudiBladeSonic responds:



2013-08-22 05:02:51

look i got sprites on scratch so you go can use them

KoudiBladeSonic responds:

Ok, but I'm don't go use. :)


2013-09-06 04:09:57

1.You have to make your project at least 800x600 px, so there will be enogh space for the scene creator.
2.scene creator must be between 24fps and 30fps.