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Help in Macromedia Flash

2013-06-21 22:30:01 by KoudiBladeSonic

I'm instaled Macromedia Flash Professional 8, but I need know much things to begin to make my movies and games.
I watch vídeos in Youtube, but is things easy's.
Example:Alvc57, he's know many things that I'm not know. I question to he's the things more importants.

How go of a menu to the movie
How to create a time interval to change the character sprite
How make a sprite show and hide
How to make a sprite mobile in a scene creator
How to make to background change


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2013-06-21 23:32:34

Draw, click f6, draw again, click f6, draw again. Repeat.

Also turn on onionskin.

That's frame by frame animation and it takes too long, you can also use tweens, but learn some basic FBF first.

KoudiBladeSonic responds:

I know this.


2013-06-22 10:18:34

For the scene creator thingy, take a look at my tutorial I made in 2010 under 'Games' section on my profile.


2013-06-28 18:19:29

i can make a costume of the menu

KoudiBladeSonic responds:

I want to learn how to make the menu to go to the movie without getting changing costume at time: I click the button and start the movie is, but it just goes to the next background and returns to the menu.