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I'm back. Now is time to fix some things.

2015-05-01 21:00:46 by KoudiBladeSonic

After one year offline, I'm back. More smarter, more right and more careful.

I learned things that changed my mind and made me smarter. And now, I recognize the mess that I have done, so, is time to fix it.


I'm back to fix my mess...


Yeah! Finally I finish Sonic SatAM - Apocalypse in Mobius Website! See the News about the series, the episodes and more, downloads!

Check out right now!



SS-AIM Official Website!

2014-04-11 18:00:28 by KoudiBladeSonic

That's right! My future series soon will have a website! I have worked alone by some weeks, I have geted some bugs, but I'm almost done, and then I tell "almost", I mean that the site is not finish. Is about 98% done. But I hope lauch him tomorrow.


Some news...

2014-02-21 17:20:39 by KoudiBladeSonic

Long time I don't say something for here, now let's go. You remember of Ultimate Sonic Scene Creator? Yeah, I decided cancel him. Why? Is too much for I handle, I don't have a SUPER talent in flash, I'm just Normal. Yeah, a NORMAL level can't do a thing that is promised be THE BEST THING AT UNIVERSE!!!! XD

Sonic SatAM - Apocalypse in Mobius have been revamped. New talks, backgrounds, sprites etc. Menu have almost finished, but I have decided begin now make the movie and menu I finish later. AND MORE!!!! I'm goting some people to make the voices in episode. Here the link for jornal:


That's all!


I'm back!

2014-02-08 23:01:26 by KoudiBladeSonic


Yeah, I give up. No one movie or game that I publish here work so far. Because forever come a fucking user and coment that is bad. I'm tired. I don't go publish anyting or coment for a good time. I need more time to do DeviantART things, that is much more important. Deviant is better because I have meet goood people, I have make bros. I don't want to say that Newgrounds is worst, is just because I have more work.


So yeah, bye.



PS:If you see that I are online, I'm just watching or playing some things, because I love some of the games of Newgrounds.

About time I post my last new. Life if geting hard for me, with more work that I imagine. I need finish first Nozic Sprite Sheet on DeviantART, to later, Sonic SatAM Apocalypse in Mobius Episode 1. I really don't know then I had time to continue Ultimate Sonic SC. But I try finish in May to July, depeding of my conticions and time.


Happy New Year!


The progress continue!

2013-11-03 13:25:39 by KoudiBladeSonic

Finally, supersonicgp456 make the tutorial that I need to continue the progress of Ultimate Sonic SC!
Tutorial Link:

Now is time to get back on work!

The progress continue!

I can't cotinue the progress of Ultimate Sonic SC because supersonicgp456 ( don't make a tutorial showing how make the buttons of scene select and you comands. So, will take a lite more time.

Wait some more times,

A lite problem in progress of Ultimate Sonic SC

Change in the plans

2013-09-13 11:35:45 by KoudiBladeSonic

I'm can't make more Ultimate Sonic SC in Sonic Scene Creator 5 version. I make a BIG creator system. Don't think that all sprites will be out, I make buttons to change the forms of characters. Thanks to supersonicgp456 for the Sonic Adventure Creator.swf and to jmkrebs30 for action script help. Moth of finish:October (Or november).