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Yeah! Finally I finish Sonic SatAM - Apocalypse in Mobius Website! See the News about the series, the episodes and more, downloads!

Check out right now!



That's right! My future series soon will have a website! I have worked alone by some weeks, I have geted some bugs, but I'm almost done, and then I tell "almost", I mean that the site is not finish. Is about 98% done. But I hope lauch him tomorrow.


Some news...

2/21/14 by KoudiBladeSonic
Updated 2/21/14

Long time I don't say something for here, now let's go. You remember of Ultimate Sonic Scene Creator? Yeah, I decided cancel him. Why? Is too much for I handle, I don't have a SUPER talent in flash, I'm just Normal. Yeah, a NORMAL level can't do a thing that is promised be THE BEST THING AT UNIVERSE!!!! XD

Sonic SatAM - Apocalypse in Mobius have been revamped. New talks, backgrounds, sprites etc. Menu have almost finished, but I have decided begin now make the movie and menu I finish later. AND MORE!!!! I'm goting some people to make the voices in episode. Here the link for jornal:


That's all!



Yeah, I give up. No one movie or game that I publish here work so far. Because forever come a fucking user and coment that is bad. I'm tired. I don't go publish anyting or coment for a good time. I need more time to do DeviantART things, that is much more important. Deviant is better because I have meet goood people, I have make bros. I don't want to say that Newgrounds is worst, is just because I have more work.


So yeah, bye.



PS:If you see that I are online, I'm just watching or playing some things, because I love some of the games of Newgrounds.

About time I post my last new. Life if geting hard for me, with more work that I imagine. I need finish first Nozic Sprite Sheet on DeviantART, to later, Sonic SatAM Apocalypse in Mobius Episode 1. I really don't know then I had time to continue Ultimate Sonic SC. But I try finish in May to July, depeding of my conticions and time.


Happy New Year!


Finally, supersonicgp456 make the tutorial that I need to continue the progress of Ultimate Sonic SC!
Tutorial Link:

Now is time to get back on work!

The progress continue!

I can't cotinue the progress of Ultimate Sonic SC because supersonicgp456 ( don't make a tutorial showing how make the buttons of scene select and you comands. So, will take a lite more time.

Wait some more times,

A lite problem in progress of Ultimate Sonic SC

I'm can't make more Ultimate Sonic SC in Sonic Scene Creator 5 version. I make a BIG creator system. Don't think that all sprites will be out, I make buttons to change the forms of characters. Thanks to supersonicgp456 for the Sonic Adventure Creator.swf and to jmkrebs30 for action script help. Moth of finish:October (Or november).


I begin to make the Ultimate Sonic SC! But to this, I need YOU help. I'm wnt to make like the Sonic Scene Creator 5. The menu of objects characthers, the button of quality, this things in this game. But if you know something of this comands, made by message. Who help me, I can add like "Colaborator" in the Ultimate Sonic SC. I don't know if you's like, because I'm have MANY Sonic transformations, sprites, sounds and much. But help me please!

You's want who characters in Ultimate Sonic SC? (Talk by coment)

Ultimate Sonic Scene Creator begins!